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Lactate in Athletes Dermal Extract in Cyclic Kinds of Sport Depemding on the Type of Energy Metabolism and Constitution

    Marchik L.A. , (Associate Professor of Human Biology and the Basics of Medical Knowledge , )
    Martynenko O.S. , (Teacher of Biology and Chemistry of the Highest Qualification Category, Gymnasium № 33, 432011, Russia, Ulyanovsk, Goncharova str., House 56/2, kv. 52)


Annotation. Different biochemical methods of athletes’ training level estimation are recently used in sports practice. Sweat is one of the most available objects of study, however, as there are no valid information concerning dependence of sweat chemical composition and characteristics change on the character of the loads and the level of athletes’ training, each extract of sweat is rarely studied. Materials. The article analyzes the results of lactate concentration determination in athletes’ dermal sweat lavages in cyclic kinds of sport with different types of energy metabolism and constitution. Research methods: ergometric testing, anthropometric and biochemical methods, statistical results handling. Results. Three types of muscle activity energy provision are revealed among qualified athletes in cyclic kinds of sport: anaerobic (phosphate-glycolytic), aerobic, mixed. Groups of athletes with different characteristics of skeletal muscles energy metabolism are heterogeneous according to the type of constitution. The representatives of an aerobic type are ectomorphs (asthenic and thoracal body type). Among anaerobic type representatives’ mesomorphs prevail (muscle type of constitution), among athletes with the mixed type of energy supply asthenic, thoracal and muscle types of constitution are equally presented. During the experiment different variants of biochemical material (dermal extract) sampling, offered by the author of the method V.A. Khramov 8, were tested: a palmar lavage, fingers lavage, lavage getting with the help of filter paper. Conclusion. The upper-range values of lactate concentration after physical load were among athletes with anaerobic (phosphate-glycolytic) type of energy metabolism. This index decreases among sportsmen with the mixed type and is minimal among sportsmen with aerobic type of energy. The simplest and the most informative variant of the test organization for lactate concentration determination in each extract is a palmar lavage dermal extract getting.

Keywords: muscle activityenergy supply, type of constitution, glycogen, lactate, dermal extract.

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DOI: 10.14526/2070-4798-2018-13-3-179-186


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